игры слоты fruit cocktail

Fruit Cocktail Cake – this easy cake recipe is the perfect coffee cake for breakfast! This old fashioned recipe is the perfect way to use up canned fruit cocktail. I feel good when she eats it for breakfast because that way she starts off her day getting the nutrition she needs.

But it’s actually fantastic, so you’re gonna want this recipe. She loves all sorts of those little fruit cups, canned pineapple and peaches.

I often buy cans of Fruit Cocktail when they’re on sale but, as happens with all of my canned goods, I often forget I’ve bought them.

I don’t know why that is; when I was growing up we lived on canned food but now I buy fruit and beans and corn and they sit on the shelf until I realize they’re almost expired. I’d been planning to make a cocktail, but when I started searching for recipes for Fruit Cocktail one kept coming up that intrigued me: Fruit Cocktail Cake.

It’s an old recipe that has traditional cake ingredients like flour and sugar, but there is no butter or oil because you use a can of Fruit Cocktail instead.

Then you top it with brown sugar and coconut, like a crumble on top.

To me, that meant that this is like a coffee cake and coffee cake is for breakfast.

We served this as a coffee cake at brunch and everyone gobbled it up. I’m sure you’ve heard of Libby’s before, but you might not be aware of all of their offerings.

Libby’s makes all kind of canned fruit, from peaches to apricots to pears to fruit cocktail.

You should add a little newness to your breakfast routine and add some fruit cocktail…especially if it’s in the form of CAKE!

My favorite part of this fruit cocktail cake recipe is that there is no oil.

The liquid from the fruit cocktail keeps it moist like a cake should be. It adds a little spring flair to the cake, along with a simple glaze.