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A baby was killed in a house arson fire 10 years ago after a violent home invasion.

The parents used the tragedy as a motivation to help build an evangelical community church but now the ...

See full summary » After testifying against his former colleagues in a corruption trial Sydney detective Jack Kempson (Colin Friels) is reassigned to a unit charged with entering the details of old cases into...

See full summary » A young woman disappears when her car breaks down in the middle of the night. The case is hard for Jack's assistant Sam because years ago her ...

See full summary » Jack Irish has no shortage of friends, but family members are few and far between.

His wife was murdered by an ex-client and his father is a fading photo on the pubs football wall of fame. See full summary » A former criminal lawyer is getting his life back together and now spends his days as a part-time investigator, debt collector, apprentice cabinet maker, punter and finding those who don't ...

See full summary » After wearing a wire to catch a dirty colleague selling confiscated drugs, detective Jack Kempson is hated by his colleagues.

He also gets 'promoted away' to the basement, where old files get transferred to the national computer database.

Thus he comes across fingerprints, now identifiable, in the 30 year old case of Ashley, the kidnapped son of lottery winners.

Although he's too late to help him now, he tracks the perpetrators down behind his boss's back.

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